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Amor de verdade

¨Amor¨ is a Portuguese word that in English means ¨Love¨. It is an intense feeling that a human can feel, it is related with the need to seek an union with another person. This word means the feeling for other person, this person is a complement that makes you happy and gives energy. It is a word used to describe a feeling of affection to someone or something.
It refers to act with tenderness and softness. It means a beloved person or something that is beloved. It is a common expression related to the dedication with we do something that we enjoy or like: she cooks with love.
In Latin- America ¨Amor¨ is a common way, a sweet way to call your boyfriend or girlfriend or someone you love, it is a sweet nickname.

¨De¨ it is a preposition with multiple uses. It can be used to denote ownership. It is the name of the letter ¨d¨. In Spanish ¨De¨ denotes where it is or where it comes from, or whose it is a thing
This word denotes the material that something is made of.

¨Verdade¨ is a Portuguese word that in English means ¨true¨ or something that is real, authentic or something sincere. It is a word used for saying that something is true or right.

The Portuguese sentence ¨Amor de verdade¨ translated to English means ¨True Love¨ a sincere and strong feeling of love for someone; it is an honest feeling for somebody else.
¨Amor de verdade¨ is a popular song from two Brazilian artists MC Kekel and MC Rita. This is a romantic song about the real love or true love a person can feel for someone. This song talks about the true love the singer feels for a woman, he can’t explain it but he knows that his feelings are true. There are thousand women in the world but no one like her. He wants to see her and tell her the way he feels. He wants to make her know that his love is for real and that she was the one who helped him to grow. Furthermore he says in the song that he is able to change anything in order to be with her. He does not want her to forget him and that's why he made the song. The thought of losing her some day makes him feel very bad. His life is her, she is his home and she is his true love.
Jenny (5 October 2018)

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