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Apelhido carihnoso

¨Apelhido¨ is a Portuguese word that means nickname, it is the way to call to someone according to a particular characteristic of itself, and it can be in a sweet way or a derogatory way, for example: fatty, silly. It is the way to call a person in order to replace its own name, can be in a funny or sweet way like babe, baby, sweaty, peanut or sweetheart. A nickname is used between couples to show their feelings. They are quite used in diminutive.

¨Carihnoso¨ is a Portuguese word, it's an adjective that means affectionate, this term refers to a person who feels affection for someone or something. It is related with someone who shows affection, love and tenderness. It is a person who acts with affection, with attention with appreciation and love. It is the way someone act showing affection whether with physical contact or not

¨Apelhido carihnoso¨ means sweet or affectionate nickname, it is often a sweet way to call the people you love or you care about.

¨Apelhido carihnoso is also the name of a popular song from a Brazilian singer, Gusttavo Lima. Basically this song is about a man who has recently ended a relationship, so he decides to move on and continue his life and then he starts to date another woman. The problem with this woman is that she starts to call him with affectionate or sweet nicknames like baby or my boy. So he can’t stand that she called him that way. She can’t use those sweet nicknames because it was the same nicknames his ex-girlfriend used to call him, for him is too hard to hear those nicknames because makes him remind her ex.
However he has to overcome the suffering from his past relationship but he is aware that it will take time, she has to understand it if she really wants to be with him. Consequently she has to accept the situation and he ask her please do not call him ¨baby¨ or ¨my boy¨ anymore; otherwise he is going to finish that uncomfortable situation, a situation that drives him crazy.
The argument that he has about the affectionate nicknames is that one of the most difficult things to forget when you broke up with someone is the way the person used to call you, the sweet nicknames. So is better not to remember it in order to overcome his recently past relationship.
Jenny (5 October 2018)

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