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A really pretty girl with a wonderful personality. Usually a blonde with beautiful colored eyes, tall, and loves to play. As a teenager Avalyn will be a sassy diva with a fierce image. Avalyn usually [..]


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Avalyn is a beautiful girl. She is usually blonde, tall and confident. She's a natural athlete who is not the one to brag. She is humble when she is successful. She is absolutely halarious and [..]


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A big girls blouse who idles in #Wireplay on QuakeNet


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An Avalyn is most likely to be a tall brunette with a big fierce heart. It is hard for her to accept hugs, and kisses, because she has had such a rough time at home and she doesn't have the feelings to give love because she really needs it. Avalyn is a strong athlete especially when it comes to hockey. Everyone loved avalyns persanality because she is so funny, Avalyns will find at least 1-2 friends and never wanna let go of them. Because she only trusts them, Avalyn doesn't like to flirt but boys think she is because she is always herself. A beautiful girl with brunette hair and bluish and greenish eyes would definitely make me jealous, I wish I was an Avalyn.
 Rosy Muraky (6 June 2017)

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