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¨Fuleragem¨ is a Portuguese word that has many meanings. It is a very colloquial word used in Brazil. It means something that is not good, something that is not pleasant. ¨Fuleragem¨ means to discompose someone, to annoy or bother someone. It also refers to act with bad intentions, something bad that you do to someone. It refers to betray a person in a very bad way, a person who does not keep his promises. This word means something that has a terrible quality or something useless
It means to make someone run out of patience. ¨Fuleragem¨ refers to someone without shame, a ridiculous person. This word means a precarious or low-level bad thing. It means an action or fun attitude uncompromising but friendly.
This word is used to refer to someone who is not responsible, a person who is not serious or committed.
In the north of Brazil ¨ Fuleragem ¨ is a way to call somebody who cheats or a person who has many relationships at the same time.

¨Fuleragem¨ is the name of a popular song by MC WM a Brazilian singer of Funk.
This song is basically about a girl, a naughty girl who dances, he asks to her to move some way, to move her hips in the way he asks, going down, going up
Jenny (5 October 2018)

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