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Me Niego

¨Me¨ is a Spanish word, a personal pronoun that plays the role of direct or indirect complement, it is the form that in dative or accusative designates the person who speaks or writes.

¨Niego¨ is a Spanish word that comes from the verb ¨Negar¨, it refers to the act of saying ¨No¨ to something you don’t want to.
This word is also used to forbid or restrict something. It is the act to refuse or reject something.
The term ¨Negar¨ also means not to yield into something.
¨Me niego¨ means in English ¨ I deny ¨ or ¨ I refuse ¨. It’s the action of not accepting a situation or something you don’t want. It means as well the action to decline something it was offered or to express the desire to refuse to accept or do something.
¨Me niego ¨ in Spanish or ¨I refuse¨ in English is the song’s naming from Reik a Mexican group ft. Ozuna a famous reggaeton singer. The song is basically about refusing the idea of live a life without the person you love, the idea of let all the memories fade away.
This song is about a guy who is in love with a girl but he realizes that he is not anymore with her, this is a situation that becomes impossible to handle, he can’t stand the idea of not seeing her anymore and the fact that he has lost her. He can’t accept this situation anymore so that’s why he refuses and he denies what he has to face now, furthermore he continues with the impression that the worst thing that could happen to him is being without her, so he wish so badly to be with her. Then he tries to look for her even in his dreams, he tries to look for her in each place of his house but there is only silence and empty spaces, he realizes that he can’t find her, she has already gone. He denies to move on without her, the impression of continue his life without her is unimaginable. So this person can’t accept that the relationship has ended, in the same way he thinks he won’t find another girl like her, she is unique and the perfect one for him, so that’s why he feels unhappy. However he has to move on without her, he knows he has to do it anyways.
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