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Nena Maldicion

The meaning of the word ¨Nena¨ in English is babe, a sweet way to call someone you care or you love. ¨Nena¨ in Spanish is a way to call a baby girl or small girl. This word is sometimes used to call a young person or an adult in a sweet way. It refers to a girl who is pretty and charming.
The meaning of ¨maldición¨ is curse. Sometimes ¨maldición¨ is also a word used when something goes wrong or when you get into a bad situation, those moments makes you feel angry, sad or disappointed, so it is an expression that Latino American people use as well in order to say ¨Damn¨, ¨fuck¨ or ¨shit¨. It is a word commonly used to express anger or displeasure.
¨Maldición¨ is a desire to harm to someone or a desire for bad things to happen to someone. It is a term used to invoke a supernatural power to inflict harm to someone or something

Consequently ¨Nena maldición¨ title means in English ¨babe curse¨, this is the famous song’s name from Paulo an Argentine singer of trap music with Lenny Tavarez a Puerto Rican reggaeton singer.
The lyric of this song is about a guy who wants desperately to catch a girl’s attention because he is really interested in her, but she has too many problems because her family. It seems she has a complicated relationship with her family due to her passion for dancing; her family seems ashamed of her. For this reason she needs to take charge of the situation. Therefore she doesn’t pay attention to anything else; she hides from her problems by dancing. Furthermore he really wants to date with her and make her realize that he exists and that he is interested in her. He wants to get to know her better and know what is happening in her life because she is a mystery. He likes her a lot but he doesn’t know anything about her. Basically she doesn’t realize that there is someone very curious about her, that this guy is crazy about her and her beautiful blue eyes. However he feels capable of making her feels better and happy. ¨`Nena maldición¨or babe curse is a way to say like damn!, I really want to get to know you better and be with you, but you don’t seem pretty interested in anything else, like damn! How do I do to attract your attention?
Jenny (5 October 2018)

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