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No me acuerdo

¨Acuerdo¨ is a word in Spanish that comes from the verb ¨acordar¨ in English to remember. It means to bring to mind a situation or a person. It also means to remind or bring back to mind something of the past.
¨Acuerdo¨ or agreeing also means saying something in common agreement or by majority vote. This word means to determine or solve something after meditating about it.
In music it means tuning a musical instrument or harmonizing several voices in order to make it sounds good. It is a term that also refers to the action of making someone return to their reasoning.

¨No me acuerdo¨ translated to English means ¨I don’t remember¨ it is a popular song from Thalia a famous Mexican singer and, Natti Natasha a reggaeton singer from the Dominican Republic.

¨I don’t remember¨ in this song means that she went out partying with her friends but she is not quite sure what happened that night, she doesn’t remember. This song is about a woman who doesn’t remember what happened last night, so basically she has a boyfriend and he is fighting because of that. He has received a photo that shows her in another’s man arms. For this reason he thinks that she has cheated on him or she left with someone else. However she says that she is sure of what peoples is talking about did not pass but she still doesn’t remember. On the contrary she doesn’t want to fight anymore because she suffers of headache due to hangover. She repeatedly says that if she does not remember what happened that night, it's because it never happened.
Then the only thing she can remember about it is that before everything will happen she felt really beautiful and she danced in a way that everyone looked at her impressed and amazed of her beauty and her sensual movements, people were all crazy with her waist and her body, she felt like a goddess like Aphrodite.
So basically she just Remember that she danced all night long but she doesn’t remember what happened after that she gets drunk.
She says to his boyfriend that maybe people are right about what they say, she will never know but she is pretty sure about her feelings about him and that he is the only one for her. Finally she tries to convince him that nothing bad has happened even though she doesn’t remember anything.
Jenny (5 October 2018)

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