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¨Sensualidad¨ is a Spanish word that means in English sensuality, it is the characteristic of being sensual or sexy. This word refers to someone who is sexually attractive
It also means the condition of being fulfilling to all the senses. It is a word that refers of what is sensual. It doesn’t mean always something to be sexual; it can be something that makes you feel good, like eating chocolate.
This word is related to the incitation or satisfaction of sensual or sensorial pleasures; it is related as well to affect any of the sense organ.
¨Sensualidad¨ is also said to a person who is inclined to sensual pleasures, especially related to sex.
It refers sometimes to being sexy but not sex. This word means also in a seductive or sensual manner: someone who moves sensually.

¨Sensualidad¨ in Spanish, means ¨Sensuality¨ in English, is the name of a famous song, a fusion of three big artists: J Balvin, a famous reggaeton singer from Colombia, Bad Bunny, a Puerto Rican trap and reggaeton singer, Prince Roy, an American singer, with producers Mambo Kingz and DJ Luian. It was released on November 3, 2017.

This song refers to a woman who is really sexy, she is making everyone crazy because her sensuality. She is the girl of everyone’s dreams. The lyric talks about a man who is impressed with a woman’s sensuality due to she looks like an angel so he is the one who wants to be with her, no one else can. Basically it’s also a proposal from him to her to going out. A modest suggestion to be with her because he wants to spend lot of time with her but he is not sure if she wants the same, if she doesn’t, he will miss her. However he is aware that all men want to be with her due to her incredible beauty and sensuality although he knows he always wins, he always get what he wants. So he is not worried about it. When he kisses her the temperature rises, he can feel her sensuality and it makes him crazy. Finally he will do everything to spend time with her, he will pick her up, even if she doesn’t ask his messages, he can’t handle it but he enjoys staying with her because she is full of sensuality and he will do everything to be with her.
Jenny (5 October 2018)

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