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Siguelo Bailando

¨Siguelo¨ is a Spanish word that comes from the verb ¨Seguir¨ in Spanish this word has different meanings. It means to follow, to go after someone. ¨Seguir¨ also refers to the action of continue something that has already started: like a project that has been discontinued.
It means the action of exercising or practice a science, cult, religion or art.
It also means looking at something that is moving and keeping your eyes on that.
This word refers to chasing or harassing a person. ¨Seguir¨ is also frequently used as a way to imitate or do something that someone has done and you admire.

¨Bailando¨ is a Spanish word that comes from the word “bailar”, translated to English means to dance, to move the body to the rhythm of music. There is a Latin American expression to say that something is worn too wide, as wide pants, an example would be like you are dancing in those wide pants. Dancing also refers to a thing that moves without leaving a certain space. It means to execute movements with the body, arms and feet.
It is a less common expression of saying that by mistake a number or a letter has been changed by another without altering its order.
¨Bailar¨ is also when a thing quickly rotates around its axis maintaining the balance like a spinning top.

The sentence ¨Siguelo bailando¨ translating to English means ¨keep on dancing¨, It refers to the action of continuing the dance without stopping.
This is the name of an Ozuna’s song, a famous Puerto Rican reggaeton singer. The song lyric is about the weekend coming and there is a girl who is bored with the monotony, so there is a guy proposal to go dancing the weekend. The night is about to begin, so it's a proposal for her to dance with him all night long without stopping.
On the other hand she has a beautiful ability to dance, that’s why he wants to keep dancing all night long with her without the music running out, she is a dance machine and he does not want the night to end.
Then he sings about she looks very pretty dancing and he is enjoying it, she can easily lose the control with the rhythm of the music. When she goes out, everyone looks at her; she does not have any problem because everything is solved by dancing. For this reason he's already crazy about her.
Jenny (5 October 2018)

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