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Brig rat

As a former MOS 5831 (Naval Correctional Specialist) in the Marines, it was most commonly used as a term to self describe ourselves, the staff of the brig. If you were asked by a Marine from another unit what you did you would respond that you were a "brig rat". That was regardless of role. A brig cook would use there term as willingly as a guard. We were brig rats.
5831USMC - 17 November 2021


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Brig rat

A Marine that has been in and out of the brig numerous times. Usage: "Mac is a good Marine in the field, but in garrison he's a brig rat."


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Brig rat

Jail inmate.


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Brig rat

As a former MOS 5831(Naval Correctional Specialist) in the Marine Corps, the term "brig rat" also was commonly used to refer to us, the guards. A 5831 would refer to himself as "brig rat" to a Marine from another unit.
Dan - 17 November 2021

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