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Cloud Chasing

when youre trying to acheive high standards, for example:
student council pres
Echo_weirdo - 17 May 2019


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Cloud Chasing

A Man who is using a women for the 'come-up'. Be it may Money, or a beautiful woman, etc. For his personal gain. Basically a user and loser.
Elizabeth - 7 March 2021


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Cloud Chasing

Refers to taking attention of many people a head of doing something so as to achieve it easily
Kwaheri - 30 November 2022


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Cloud Chasing

refers to the activity of electronic cigarette / Mod users tweaking their hardware and e-juice selections to produce ever bigger and thicker clouds of vapor, to obtain bragging rights in casual and in [..]


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Cloud Chasing

Someone who finally isn't chasing waterfalls. Someone who sticks to rivers and the lakes they are used to
anonymous - 21 January 2019


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Cloud Chasing

Vapers who try to achieve the largest clouds of vapor.


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Cloud Chasing

Destiny Dale - 31 July 2017

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