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Development control

controlling of construction of buildings in cities
Lili Davids - 6 November 2019


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Development control

guiding development on land which mainly comprises of a set of regulations that protect the land development process
Tinotenda Maramba - 13 July 2020


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Development control

Function undertaken by planning authorities. includes dealing with planning applications, enforcement and providing advice on planning to the public and professionals. 


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Development control

the process whereby a local planning authority decides whether a planning application meets the requirements of planning policy, particularly as set out in development plans.


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Development control

the process by which a local authority makes decisions about the way development proceeds by setting rules, requiring consents for various aspects of development before they can proceed, inspecting to [..]


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Development control

This is or could be defined as the managing or regulating the or carrying out of any work on land to ensure that All development takes place and in such a manner that it conforms to a pre determined set of policies or standards.
Chukwu Christian - 2 June 2023

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