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Die in the Hole

Die in a hole is what you say to someone when you want them to shut up, or go away because they are annoying you. Die in a hole is also said when you someone says a good come back to you and you can't think of anything to say. Die in a hole is NOT telling someone to kill themselves, although for some reason many people seem to think that. It simple lets people around you know that you are pissed off and don't want to talk to them/the topic, or want them to leave you alone.
Foxx - 8 July 2020


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Die in the Hole

Die in A hole! Not die in THE hole, but die in a hole means that you want the person to die because they are either annoying, stupid or you are just mean.
Stupid person - 8 December 2019


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Die in the Hole

I don't know about die in THE hole, but die in a hole is when someone is being super irritating or you're just mean or something- i dont know bye
jesus take the wheel - 11 September 2019


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Die in the Hole

It is when you want some one to leave you alone or just make them stop bothering you. But it dus not always work
alyssa - 6 June 2019


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Die in the Hole

uhm. die in a hole means someone needs to be quiet. :)
SomeoneWhoMatters - 12 January 2022


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Die in the Hole

When the ball has just enough momentum to make it into the hole.


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Die in the Hole

This is one of the important golf words and phrases. It is used to refer to putts barely making it to the hole, but eventually they do end up the golf ball in the hole.


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Die in the Hole

The term die in the hole expresses, that a putt almost didn't make it in the cup, but somehow made it. So the golf ball barely had enough speed to drop into the hole – it used its last energy to die in the hole.

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