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El Farsante

In Spanish there are four different definite articles, ¨El¨¨La¨¨Los¨¨Las¨. Nouns are often accompanied by articles. ¨El¨ is a masculine definite article that precedes a masculine noun to indicate that the referent is known by the speaker and the listener, this article is used to talk about specific nouns. ¨El¨ translated to English is ¨The¨, all the four different articles in Spanish are translated to English as ¨The¨.
¨Farsante¨ is a word in Spanish that translated into English means someone who pretends to be other person, to be someone else in order to obtain any benefit from it. It is someone who is a faker for example: This doctor is a fake doctor, an imposter. It is a person who lies, a person who cheats. ¨Farsante¨ is also a person who lies about the way he feels. It refers as well a theater actor especially a comedy actor.

¨El farsante¨ is the name of a very famous reggaeton song by a Puerto Rican singer called Ozuna Ft. Romeo Santos an American singer. The song’s name translated to English would be ¨The faker¨ ¨The impostor¨. It refers to someone who is a liar, to someone who is a pretender, an impostor or an untruthful person. The song lyric is about a man that has being always a liar, a pretender in love topics, but he has being really in love with a woman who has already gone. However it seems that she is not in love with him anymore or she is hurt due to he is a faker and untruthful person. He misses her so badly; he wonders about everything they were planning, for him everything seems different since she is not at his side. For this reason he says that he doesn’t want his freedom and he doesn’t want to be single, he just wants to be with her. Basically in the song he talks about he will be a faker again because he is not interested in no one else, he doesn’t want to fall in love again, so nothing seems interesting for him anymore. The problem was that he lied to her and he was disloyal, he made her suffer due to he was a selfish person, but he wants to be forgiven because he has a strong feeling, a real love.
So mainly he's asking for a second chance to do things well, without lies, without betrayal, a chance to do all they want together.
Jenny - 5 October 2018


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El Farsante

Farsante is the name of the song and it is by a Puerto Rican singer called Ozuna and Romeo from Dominican Republic. The song was released in 2017 and it is a really famous song. Farsante means impostor or faker in english. The song is about a man who is a liar and he is untruthful and a pretender. The song is telling us a story that can happen in a real life situation because the point of this song is to tell us that men sometimes can be untruthful because of the things that they do, on how they play with the women's feelings and how they want to restart the relationship and be better but the women does not believe in their promises anymore.
A - 2 June 2023

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