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Food Vehicle

refers to a commonly consumed food that is used to deliver a particular nutrient or chemical substance to an individual or population such as in food fortification.
Tapiwa Magaisa - 21 June 2019


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Food Vehicle

This does not refer to motor vehicles carrying food. A food vehicle is the food that is eaten that contains a pathogen which may give rise to food poisoning


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Food Vehicle

A Vehicle that carries food, but not a vehicle that eats food.
Garfield - 28 March 2021


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Food Vehicle

Food to which fortification is carried out e.g. when iodine is added to table salt,salt becomes the food vehicle.
Aleekihato - 5 July 2019


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Food Vehicle

refers to a food item that is contaminated and that allows bacteria or some other microbe to enter the body, resulting in disease or illness

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