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Gender Lens

Designates social advocacy research aiming at the inequitable and unashamed promotion of special rights and privileges for women over those of all other sectors of the population.  Such advocacy rese [..]


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Gender Lens

(A gender lens) allows us to identify, anticipate and examine gender differences—their importance, their impact—and to respond to them. Through using a gender lens in our work, we can begin to see how people’s gender identity and expression determine their opportunities, access to and ownership of resources, and their capacity to enjoy and exercise their human rights and seek redress if these rights are denied. It helps us to understand each person’s roles and position in a society, the power dynamics and division of labour within a household, a workplace and the wider community. Applying a gender lens also allows us to analyse when laws and policies and cultural values, norms and practices affect people differently. And, furthermore, it gives us a clearer picture of how the many different forms of inequality intersect.
ls - 5 January 2022


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Gender Lens

Using the gender lens is like putting on glasses to bring different perspectives into focus. Through one lens of the glasses, you see the participation, needs and realities of women. Through the other [..]

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