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Key pest

In any one local pest Complex , it is usually possible to single out one or two major pest are the most important , these are defined as key pest .
Ashis Sarkar - 16 July 2017


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Key pest

Key pest are crop specific.They are perennially occurring serious persistent species which cause damage above the economic injury level if proper control practices is not applied..
Sangita - 29 September 2019


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Key pest

Key pest are damage one specific crop.. N are periliously occuring serious damage..
Sangita - 29 September 2019


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Key pest

An insect, mite, disease, nematode, or weed that frequently results in unacceptable damage and thus typically requires a control action. 1


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Key pest

A key pest is a pest species that is known to cause consistent and significant damage to crops or agricultural systems. Key pests are of primary concern to farmers and crop managers due to their regular and substantial impact on crop yields and quality. These pests are usually the focus of intensive pest management strategies, which can include monitoring, prevention, and control measures.
TITUS - 17 January 2024

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