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A kwami is the companion to a superhero in the series Miraculous Ladybug. This small creature is used to transform the civilian into their superhero self.


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It hides inside a jewlery called a miracalous it can go through things and it tiny it can't be videoded or photoed it has an owner also it give humans superpowers it has magic words to say to get your superhero oufit in Miracalous Tales of ladybug and Cat noir Adrien Agreste gets the most powerful miracalous whicch is the ring kwami name is plagg power cataclysm marinette dupain cheng gets the lady bug earings also a power ful 1 they have to hide there identies from each other hawk moth is bad and wants there jewlels
BobaTeastarlivesstar - 7 April 2020


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1.) total loser. suck up. ass kisser. (referred : Donald Trumps' 'The Apprentice') 2.) booty


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That one guy who is aloof, secretive and sarcastic. Looks like he has a high sex drive and can give awesome cuddles. Loves the boobs. Has magic fingers for cars and the ladies ;)

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