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Medical Attendant

These are a higher trained in hospital rules

This person are। A good knowledge of hospitality
Gajendra K Kaurav - 17 July 2020


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Medical Attendant

A person qualified with any degree or diploma of medical education. And having medical training under authority
Rekibul Ahmed - 8 May 2020


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Medical Attendant

Is the person who trained and qualified to care the patients under the supervision of nurse
Nsajigwa Brown - 18 October 2017


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Medical Attendant

Basically is a person who is carried on in the flights for attending another person in the need of medical attention
Jagannath Bhosagar - 20 October 2021


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Medical Attendant

A doctor trained and authorised to give medical attention.


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Medical Attendant

Passing meds .taking blood work.moping grooming dressing washing clothes cleaning client rooms bringing clients on doctor appointment
Marcella Lemon - 6 September 2019

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