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(GR): soldier serving for pay; mercenary. Misthophoros


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(GR): soldier serving for pay; mercenary. Misthophoros


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From the greek μίσθιος, also misthotos (from misthos, wage), terms that in papyri denoted hired workers (Fikhman, Egipet 109 - Oxford reference). Soldiers, mercenaries, or regular workers with specific set of skills, hired to perform a given task.
Odisseus - 23 December 2019


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(GR): mercenary. Modiolus


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A misthios particularly in Greek is someone who is hired in the field of their special skills
anonymous - 27 December 2018


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This dictionary is completely based on opinion making it inaccurate
anonymous - 6 October 2018


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If you research about the term "Assassin"... they are basically hitman for hire. You pay them to do your dirty work, they'll do it without a second question, provided you pay them properly.
Now, the word Misthios, is a Greek term, for the english word "Mercenary". These people are also paid killers, who can be hired. For me basically, Agent 47 and Assassins are almost the same, except Agent 47 is way more stealthier than Alexios or Kassandra.
Therefore, my conclusion... Mercenary and Hitman are practically the same thing.
Lord Takshak - 17 November 2020


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A military, an ex-soldier, with combat experience, who can be hired for all kinds of work, someone who will not be afraid to get their hands dirty, only male since women were excluded by custom of the time, Greece of 430 ac was totally Patriarchal.
That said, Alexios is the only true protagonist of Assassin's Creed Odyssey, a natural canon.
Apart from the fantasy of Atlantis, even according to Greek mythology, Kassandra could never have been as she is presented in the history of the games, since there are only semi-gods men, it is a fantasy and an inadequate character created on the model of the Spartan Warrior, strictly male, who is in fact Alexios...
Make Assassin's Creed a more historically accurate game.
Enza - 18 March 2022


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Alexios from assassins creed odyssey. Or kassandra. Doesn’t matter.
anonymous - 22 December 2018


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Player character in Assassins Creed Odessey. Someone who runs around endlessly doing missions for little to no payment. I mean how many rival mistios does one need to slaughter for ship upgrades?
Casey Burge - 20 November 2018


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Greek for hired, a hired servant, a substitute, or a slave.
Keeflo - 3 October 2018


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The guy in Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey is a misthios, a blade for hire. Just like the Witcher III and wait, they even copied the Hungry Gods side quest from the Witcher III and Talos, the first mercernary, also copied Talos, from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.
anonymous - 25 December 2018

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