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Pedogenic Regime

The particular soil forming process that operates in a certain climate. Some of the main processes are: laterization, salinization, podzolization, calcification, and gleization.


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Pedogenic Regime

It is the soil forming process that occurs in a certain climate
Fuli levis - 8 October 2020


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Pedogenic Regime

Pedogenic regime refers to the soil formation process in complexity manner that increases minerals depositions, salinity, iron and aluminium elements within the soil as core for soil builder under human interaction.
James Kapita - 25 January 2021


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Pedogenic Regime

Pedogenic regimes refers to specific soil forming processes which occur only under specific climatic condions to give rise to specific soil types
anonymous - 1 June 2022


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Pedogenic Regime

Pedogenic regime are soil formation under certified climatic conditions with it's main characteristics which are LATERIZATION, SALINIZATION and PODZOLIZATION
Andeji rene - 11 May 2022


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Pedogenic Regime

Pedogenic regimes has to do with the different soil forming processes that operate in particular climatic conditions. Examples are ferralitization which occurs in equatorial climate , podzolization in cold temperature regions, calcification in dry or semi dry regions, salinization in hot deserts and gleization in waterlogged areas .
Vakuntah Sidonie - 30 November 2022

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