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Rooming List

the list of names or passengers on a tour or other group travel program, submitted to a hotel/motel. The names are not alphabetized as on a flight manifest, but rather room-by-room indicating who is rooming with whom. Twin-bedded rooms, singles and triples are usually listed in separate categories.


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Rooming List

Comprehensive accommodation list showing names, arrival, departure dates, any special requirements and billing instructions. 


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Rooming List

A roster of guests and their lodging needs presented to a hotel by a group prior to a meeting. A solid strategy for a room list starts with the hotel contract.
Ashwini Parche - 20 October 2021


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Rooming List

roster of individuals requiring guest room accommodations.


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Rooming List

The list of individuals who will be taking advantage of overnight accommodations at a hotel. A rooming list includes the following information: first name, last name, arrival date and departure date. [..]


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Rooming List

Comprehensive accommodation list featuring guest names, dates of arrival and departure, and any special requirements.

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