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Rural depopulation

the net movement of people to urban areas.


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Rural depopulation

Rural depopulation means decrease in number of rural population as the residents of rural areas move towards urban areas in search of better livelihood and better job opportunities.
Kritika Swaroop - 21 January 2021


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Rural depopulation

The decrease in the population of a rural areas where you see lost of people moving from rural areas to urban areas
Cassandra Leekay - 20 August 2018


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Rural depopulation

The reduction of numbers of inhabitants in rural areas as a results of economics opportunity in the urban centre.
anonymous - 26 November 2018


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Rural depopulation

this is the deminishing in the number of inhabints from a smal settlement to urban areas.
LUNGU GIVEN - 9 May 2019


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Rural depopulation

people leaving the countryside usually to live in towns (ie. rural-urban migration).


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Rural depopulation

Refers to a decrease in population of certain areas in search of Better living
Gumani (MAKHE - 5 September 2019


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Rural depopulation

Rural depopulation:Rural areas become depopulation, result in a decline of functions and services. Town become ghost towns
johannes mathole - 26 September 2017


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Rural depopulation

rural depopulation - rural area become depopulated and resulting a decline of functions and services
anonymous - 17 October 2018


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Rural depopulation

Rural depopulation is a decrease number of people in rural areas
Navie - 28 April 2019


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Rural depopulation

a decline in the total number of people living in rural areas.
anonymous - 30 November 2022


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Rural depopulation

the decline of population in rural areas and regionsĀ 


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Rural depopulation

rural depopulation is a decrease in population to rural areas
Khinyongo Avumile - 22 August 2018


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Rural depopulation

Is a decrease in the number of people living in rural areas
Jele kuhlula - 2 June 2023

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