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Substantive position

Substantive position is an employee’s permanent position of employment.


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Substantive position

Position to which a person has been appointed or deployed under the Public Service Employment Act, other than an acting appointment.


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Substantive position

substantive position means that a person is appointed to a budgetary post through a selection process and after completion of probationary period, he is confirmed in the service and against a vacant substantive post. substantive post is also a permeant post, without limit.
irfan - 26 January 2021


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Substantive position

Curent or present position ,actual position Ah thé time
Nwokoji K C - 19 December 2017


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Substantive position

Substative position is the position in which one is awarded by employer on merit of perfomamnce until retirement
anonymous - 12 February 2021

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