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Urban concentration

The percentage of the urban population of a country or region living in the largest city.


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Urban concentration

The proportion and a country's population living in a metropolitan or highly developed area, usually pertaining to a city.
Anonymous - 29 October 2018


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Urban concentration

The portion of a population living in cities/urban areas
HC - 13 November 2017


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Urban concentration

The amount of people living in urban areas/ large cities
Ya mum - 25 October 2018


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Urban concentration

Wen u realise that your mother is your uncle. It is a sad sad sad sad feeling.
Big Johnny - 18 October 2017


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Urban concentration

An agglomeration of population in cities; the prescence of an amount of people in cities.
Anonymous Academic - 18 October 2017


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Urban concentration

When you realise the uncle stole shoes and electricity
Big Joe - 7 November 2017

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