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aspect angle

angle between defender's flight path and attacker's flight path measured from defender's six o'clock, usage: AIM-9L is an all-aspect missile


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aspect angle

The largest angle formed between LOS to target and targets longitudinal axis measured from tail of the target.
Higher the Aspect angle greater will be ROC and vice versa
Jahangir khan - 2 September 2019


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aspect angle

The angle between the longitudinal axis of the target (projected rearward) and the line-of-sight to the fighter, measured from the tail of the target. The attackers heading is not a consideration. (Wh [..]


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aspect angle

This is the angle formed by the intersection of two lines /the line from you to the target and the line through the target’s longitudinal axis/. On the HUD, the aspect angle is represented by [..]

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