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big book

Big books are enlarged versions of a reading book, usually illustrated and with very large type, generally used by a teacher guided group of students to read together and learn about concepts of print [..]


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big book

A special edition of a children's picture book, published in very large format to facilitate display of the illustrations to a group in storytelling, usually bound in colorfully illustrated, flex [..]


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big book

Big books are oversized books with enlarge prints. It is usually intended for shared reading activity for the whole class.
Bhida - 21 September 2019


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big book

The "Big Book" is a thought experiment developed by Ludwig Wittgenstein about the nature of ethics and the verifiability of ethical knowledge. This account is given by him in an early work, the 1929 [..]


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big book

Big Book may refer to: The Big Book Of, a series of graphic novel anthologies published by the DC Comics imprint Paradox Press. A Big Book (thought experiment) involving ethics developed by Ludwig Wi [..]

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