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controlled grazing

The number of animals to the grazed on slopes should be according to the carrying capacity of the pastures. It gives time for the grass to grow again.
Lakshita - 5 March 2020


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controlled grazing

Not an acceptable term.


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controlled grazing

This is where animal are divided for pasture.are usually brought in numbers to utilize grazing
Kapinga esiah - 17 November 2021


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controlled grazing

The management of forage with grazing animals. Usually involves dividing pastures into smaller paddocks with electric fencing and moving the livestock frequently.


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controlled grazing

Grazing management designed to improve utilization of forage either by 1) allocating pasture in subunits with grazing periods typically less than 5 days or 2) varying stocking rate to match forage growth rate and availability (put-and-take stocking).
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