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environmental hygiene

environmental sanitation Practical control measures used to improve the basic environmental conditions affecting human health, for example clean water supply, human and animal waste disposal, protecti [..]


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environmental hygiene

Environmental hygiene is the practices or conditions that help preserve health in the environment
Ayinde-Oladeinde Ayo - 25 October 2020


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environmental hygiene

Environmental Hygiene is the type of hygiene which refers to the cleanliness of our surroundings to keep ourself & surrounding secure from diseases & damaging our natural resources.
Misbah Shabir. - 27 August 2021


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environmental hygiene

It is all activity aimed at inproving and maintaining a healthy condition neccessary for our well-being
Prosper longto - 30 November 2020


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environmental hygiene

Enviromental hygiene is the practice that preserves health, maintaining a healthy condition necessary for our well being
Angel Mens - 9 July 2021


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environmental hygiene

Environmental hygiene this is otherwise known as environmental sanitation and it is refers to as an active process involving individual and community participation in establishing clean and safe environment to foster emotional and physical wellbeing.
Odujoko Olajide - 30 July 2021


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environmental hygiene

Environmental hygiene is a deliberate act aiming at keeping both higher and lower animal including plants/fruits safe from contracting diseases and infection and to also limit means of transmission.
Danson Magaji - 17 November 2021


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environmental hygiene

Keeping the surrounding neat and clean aii the time for protecting ourselves
That order price
Samuel w Habulembe - 25 March 2022


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environmental hygiene

Environmental hygiene is also the practical measures used to improve those factors affecting human health
Martha usang - 16 October 2020


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environmental hygiene

Environmental hygiene is simply defined as the act of maintaining the entire environment clean and free from human activities that degrade the land, pollute our water bodies and the quality of air, as well as protecting other species on the earth.
Assuah, P. Ferguson - 1 June 2022


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environmental hygiene

It simply refers to how well we keep our surroundings clean
Leslie allou - 14 February 2022

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