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environmental profile

a characterization of the environment in which a system will be used. Aspects may include ambient lighting and noise, temperature, humidity, smoke, chemical substances, vibrations, the visual environm [..]


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environmental profile

Environmental profile means representation of environmental problems and consequences through explaination and representing using photograph.
Mahendra - 5 March 2020


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environmental profile

The ouput of an environmental profiling process (see below). Profiling can be of a generic nature using general industry data or it can be of a proprietary nature using product-specific data – for exa [..]


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environmental profile

It is the environmental profile with specific meaning of environment and it's consequences and also about conserving and protection of environment.
Mahendra - 5 March 2020


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environmental profile

It means the informations about environment with some examples and photograph so that other people can see and know the environmental consequences.
mahindra ad - 14 October 2019

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