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pest resurgence

Reborn of pests due to their resistance against chemicals Or due to nonspecific target such as natural enemies or predators
GURJANT SINGH - 31 July 2021

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Sad person that watches too much anime and is very sad, and sad
Epic man - 31 July 2021

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An old man or woman that is narcissistic. Never believes they are wrong but everybody else is. Non-excepting people are snide.
Nephi88 - 30 July 2021

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duality of man

The battle of Jeckyl and Hide... made worse by a biplolar mind is the antithesis of “The Dualty of Man” ... from experience its a never ending war in my head
Chip - 30 July 2021

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office equipment

Office equipment are the tools, machines and equipment that are needed to perform the jobs in an office.
anonymous - 30 July 2021

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basketry is when canes are splits and woven by palm branches with the help of the hands
Naana Ow - 30 July 2021

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Is a soil with high percentage of sand, or large soil praticles
Olamide temitope - 30 July 2021

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