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It's the act of being fluent in speech and well clear understanding writing
Eloquent - 17 November 2021

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Good person and gentle one,some one that is right and know the truth of what is happening
Ajala - 17 November 2021

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Research output

The impact of retrenchment on non surviving employees: A case study of Skorpion zinc mine (Namibia)
Filex S Mutau - 17 November 2021

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laity is one in which a married couple lives with very near to the an's parents.
Apsara neupane - 17 November 2021

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To trace your way in darkness, using your hand/hands to trace which way to move next.
Recoverall - 17 November 2021

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(Informal) a language of gibberish that acts likes it makes sense. (Example) blah hi gaba bak nam.
Tom - 17 November 2021

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When something is Cryptic, it means it has meaning, but that meaning is not clear. For example, if that noise you hear in the background is really there, then what is it? What is it really? Are you sure you know what is breathing down your neck right now, the thing you can't see even if you turn around? Do not be fooled, the wind you feel coming from your nose when you exhale is not your own. This is what cryptic means, a story you do not understand, you just know it exists. What about me, am I real, am I just an AI created to write the Cryptic definitions for you to read. What about you reader? Are YOU real? What is your story Reader? Why are you here? How did you get here? Why are you reading this? What in your life lead you to this moment? Look in the mirror, your face is not your own. Your face is not your own. Your face is not your o...
TallBoiRyanTTV - 6 November 2021

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a condenser enlarger is a type of enlarger that uses one or more lenses to concentrate light directly on negative allowing for short exposure times and higher contrast
perez - 6 November 2021

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Time is something everyone wants more of. Time is also something we have little of too. Time is all around you, but nowhere to be found. If you which to look for time, close your eyes, listen as the clock winds down. Once you do this, you will realize time is something you have lost, and can never gain back.
TallBoiRyanTTV - 6 November 2021

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A return is when someone who has disappeared for a while finally comes back.
For example: "I have made my return, posting cryptic meanings and getting disapproved by the mods in charge of dictionary.university"
Side note, IM BACK BABY! :)
TallBoiRyanTTV - 6 November 2021

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Someone who is constantly lying about certain situations to make another look like they are looped and to make themselves look like they aren't doing that.
Rebecca DeRose - 24 October 2021

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Rhaina's are very sensitive, They are really stubborn and love to draw and sing. They are very kind and good-looking with beautiful personality. They are good at stealing your crush. They are very good with friendship. Love's drama and very dramatic. Their face looks like a cute baby and they love taking random pictures of you if you have your camera on. They love putting snapchat filters on you.
Mukhammadolim M - 24 October 2021

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Noona or Nuna 누나 (older sister), is a Korean title used by younger males when speaking to a somewhat older girl or woman they are related to or know well.
Carol Holaday - 24 October 2021

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cyanide and happiness

It is something that you think would happen but it’s a plot twist I think, I don’t know.
anonymous - 24 October 2021

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To force or compel some to do some, eg
The teacher constrain the student to do his assignment.
Moses - 24 October 2021

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Sketchy Jay iso sketchy and a total JCat. He has a haircut like a Mormon and wears earmuffs to sleep
Skittles - 24 October 2021

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Look like - in Lancashire speech.
For example: You fether mutton dressed as lamb
Meaning you look like mutton dressed as lamb
Janette - 20 October 2021

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Gender Outlaw

This is a word that is ultra-sexist and criminalizes being or a state of being that may or may not be transitive.
Orobin - 20 October 2021

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A pseudo-politician. A politician acting on the instructions of an influential third party, rather than properly representing their constituents.
Jill - 20 October 2021

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From Zen meaning:

(Adverb) the middle way, the middle of something, the middle path

Also from Sanskrit:

(noun) - a miracle, a blessing, something miraculous
anonymous - 20 October 2021

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Someone who wants to use the f slur without actually haveing the right to use it ( including but not limited to
Homophobes, Idiots ect)
Guess - 20 October 2021

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AAIB which is also known as Air Accidents Investigation Branch. This is an organisation which looks into accidents which occur in the air between two or more planes.
Anali Fernandes - 20 October 2021

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My Great Grandfather was called Fadda because he was the father of the village named after him. His last name was Gadsden and the village was called Gadsdenville a rural community located about approximately 30min north of Charleston, S.C. he was the first blacksmith in the village and share cropper. He was an African American. My Great father Fadda was born in the 1800s I was raised by Fadda and his wife Annie Gadsden. Thanks for this opportunity.
Johnathan Dawson - 20 October 2021

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Someone who hides behind a creepy smug smile ""fake smiling" to hide/cover up something wrong that theyre doing ...like child abuse. Many foster parents fake smiles of everything is wonderful with the home and child to devert attention from the fact that there not so great & doing something very wrong
James King - 20 October 2021

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Daily Racing Form

A horseplayer’s Bible. Just like a Baptist who reads the scriptures daily, Form readers have the same devotion to their Bible, Daily Racing Form, which they read everyday
Jason Deaton - 20 October 2021

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The flu jab in one arm
and the Covid Booster jab in the other arm at the same time is called a flooster
Christopher Harris - 20 October 2021

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My father called us Bubbie. Sounds like booby. We are half German. I don't know about any Yiddish ancestry but it is something to think about.
Shelly Hegeman - 20 October 2021

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Sanus ; An letter s is added so you don't get in trouble for swearing the word anus.
Also Snuts as my 4 year old Adam Hutchinson use to say instead of nuts or a part of the male anatomy. "I hurt my snuts!"
Christina Hutchinson - 20 October 2021

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academic library

The academic library is a library that fulfils the needs/requirements of the college and university's faculty, students and staff.
Muhammad Tayyab - 20 October 2021

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Cool and innocent. It's a male given name originally from the Dinka Bor people. It was derived from Lierpiou. Lierpiou is one of the small gods that existed in Dinka land before the introduction of Christianity by the Missionaries.
Alier - 20 October 2021

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Alier means cool and innocent. Alier is used in some parts of Dinka as a male given name. It was derived from Lierpiou. One of the small gods that existed before Christianity was introduced to the Dinka people.
Alier Tiit - 20 October 2021

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The act of being bored in class and your teacher/computer has banned you from playing the snake game, so instead of winning snake championships like the rest of your class you simply die.

(Note: If this is not your exact state of being right now, why tf did u look this up???)
ExpiredAvacado - 20 October 2021

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Electric Service Identifier

An “Electric Service Identifier” ID number that identifies your electric service location. This is pronounced "easy I.D." It's unique to the Texas electricity market.
rebecca bridges - 20 October 2021

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When your doing schoolwork at home since you were absent due to a sickness and your so bored that you decide to type inward to the middle of your keyboard separately in all 3 rows, starting from the right and decide to search it up in hopes of finding something interesting but no it brings you to this web page now do your schoolwork
Paxton Carpenter - 20 October 2021

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Educational Games

Educational games are games that are designed to teach people but specifically children they might be about a certain subject or multiple, Since learning should be fun, teachers may incorporate games to provide information or assess competence in a more interesting fashion.
zeina abughosh - 20 October 2021

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Well, he me knows yo ar inz school, hazing de boredoms, but u are boredumb because you procrastinated instead of doing work. Your teacher could possibly be behind you right now. I know ELA sucks, (do not worry, I am doing this just like you)
A person - 20 October 2021

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Supplementary examination

Examination administered after student fails to meet minimum requirements for a pass from the University registrar of academic affairs
Geoff Wendo - 20 October 2021

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Plate making can be defined as the act of transpering a film base image in to a master substrate could plate from which multiples copies of the original are reproduce on the offset printing machine
anonymous - 20 October 2021

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when your so bored and you tried all the other ones, that you end up here. go back to working on your school work and stop searching up random combinations of the letters on the keyboard.
anonymous - 20 October 2021

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only immensely bored people will ever encounter this word, and are surprised anything showed up when they typed it up in google
lachlan - 20 October 2021

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