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mznxbcvlaksjdhfgpqowieuryt is when you type from each end bottom to top on ur kebard only with the zxcvbnmasdfghjlqwertyuiop keys. this means your are bored out of your mind or that ur in school and d [..]


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Bored out of your mind, you can't just do what you need to, well just do it yu sloth
anonymous - 13 September 2020


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Well Ok it seems you are bored, but you have something really important to do so go DO IT!
FrecnIsALanguage? - 25 May 2020


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it means you are extremely bored like everyone else who wrote this combination of keys
bored kid in class - 25 May 2021


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you are in school and bored get back to work

noun- a pattern of physical black keys listed

verb- bored

example: student "im so bored" teacher "i can see your screen get back to work"
person - 9 September 2020


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You just used up precious bytes of memory to appease the burning desire to escape from the present reality of life. A stark insight into the mental state of the deprived masses glued to the illusion of a better world on their screens. Enslaved in their own mind. Unable to escape their dependance to the hollow shell of temporary happiness they hope to find in a place so full of meaning but ultimately formless, meaningless. That place being the internet.
idk - 13 September 2023

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