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parental care

all of the help that a parent gives to its offspring, including (in some cases) feeding, sheltering,and protecting them from predators.


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parental care

in animals, a series of behaviors that parents perform to help their offspring survive until they are old enough to survive on their own


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parental care

Parental Care
Parental care can be defined as any non-genetic contribution by a parent that increases the fitness of offspring, and can occur before or after laying or birth (Stahlschmidt and DeNardo, 2011).
From: Encyclopedia of Reproduction (Second Edition), 2018
Ahmad - 7 April 2020


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parental care

Parental care is a behavioural and evolutionary strategy adopted by some animals, involving a parental investment being made to the evolutionary fitness of offspring. Patterns of parental care are wid [..]

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