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You are so bored that you search all the keys alternating right to left
and then top to bottom. What are you doing with your life.
anonymous - 18 October 2018


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Boredom in its purest form. Anyone who types this into their search engine has already typed qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm, qazwsxedcrfvtgbyhnujmikolp, mnbvcxzlkjhgfdsapoiuytrewq, plokmijnuhbygvtfcrdxesz [..]


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Having fun at School? Clearly not if you're searching this.
Anpnymous - 6 July 2021


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It means you are at school and typing random things because our bored and you now feel the urge to click on the meaning but oh wait its blocked so you go home and try again and read this. If you have made it this far you are a nerd, what are you honestly doing with you life?

Yours truly YoBaDoBa
YoBaDoBa - 22 June 2021


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When you are so bored that you have already licked the cat, shined your Stranger Things action figures collection, and told your boss he looks like Stewie from Family Guy.
Ava Rae - 7 September 2020


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when you are so bored that you even decide to do random things with your keyboard and even decide to write a definition on the word you typed with your keyboard.
chase - 30 September 2020


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when you've done every combo and no longer wonder anymore
yes - 16 October 2020


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when you are searching up some random stuff because you are bored and your school blocked all the games so now this is the only thing to do to entertain you. but the thing is when you are bored and reading this you are also thinking about your problems and thinking how you failed random stuff
somone (R.M) - 29 November 2021


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I am so bored that I am writing definitions for random keyboard combinations.
grant - 29 October 2020


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If you typed this I feel sorry for you are probably really bored and are just searching for some kind of entertainment you are definitely in school supposed to be doing work but are doing all the keyboard combos (I say wombo combos) I have wasted about 20 mins of my life writing this the boredom must really be getting to you good luck solider I believe you can get through the rest of whatever you are doing
iambaconeer - 29 November 2021


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You are so bored you feel as if your about to die, but your just in history class, 2nd period, trying to make a paragraph summery, explaining why and how Alexander Hamilton, John Jay, and James Madison, made a new constitution. Good luck soldier.
Idontwannabehere - 7 December 2022


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you hate life, i mean school. you should be doing work but you don't want to, you wish school would end so you could go play games or whatever you do. but it feels like school will never end, even though there is ten minutes left.(i'm writing this during school because i'm bored)
boredom is my name - 30 November 2022


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as following the previous definitions that is the situation im in. 5th period science bored so i did what i do see if a keyboard combination is a song and what media people made out of keyboard combos. to my suprise this wasn't blocked. im bored good luck to others like me. and we are learning ecology im in 7th grade. im bored and making ninja stars while charging my chrome book in a corner. oh bathroom break nince. to those like me have a not boring day. good luck.
william allen - 2 February 2023


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You are in 2nd period waiting for class to be over, you have finished your work. Everything imaginable in blocked. You decide to type this string of letter and oh! It's third period science. /you keep typing strings of letters to counteract the boredom and it feels like hours.
bored in 2nd period - 31 December 2022


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When your doing schoolwork at home since you were absent due to a sickness and your so bored that you decide to type inward to the middle of your keyboard separately in all 3 rows, starting from the right and decide to search it up in hopes of finding something interesting but no it brings you to this web page now do your schoolwork
Paxton Carpenter - 30 November 2022

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