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Immense boredom, and you are most likely going through a really boring zoom, and you want to do something appealing to you, like a test, or balloon car.
qmwnebrvtcyxuzilokpj - 30 September 2020


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A word that only the most bored people on the world think that nobody else searched in google, then they surprised realice that someone has already searched it and that someone is actually giving you an explanation.
anonymous - 25 November 2020


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when you are SO Immensely bored, probably in a zoom, or google meets video call you try this, and are surprised that ANYTHING Shows up
A Chicken was here - 12 February 2021


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you get this when a human is insanely bored by the way the mental asylum has been notified of you
qmwnebrvtcyxuzilokpj - 18 January 2021


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Once upon a time, you were an average human being you would take a shower, eat breakfast, go to work or school. Maybe watch some season 2 of Boku No Hero Academia in your late hours while grabbing your Sailor Moon body pillow and sobbing. Look at you... disgusting.
But one day, you decide to search this term while doing an assignment you don't want to do at all. Your Cheeto-covered hands decorating the keyboards with orange as you type. Then you find out you're not the only bored idiot.

Next time, do your work. And thank you for my Ted Talk.
TheMagg - 5 January 2022


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when they think they have done everything and then you show them this
intense boredom - 25 November 2020


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only immensely bored people will ever encounter this word, and are surprised anything showed up when they typed it up in google
lachlan - 20 October 2021


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When ur mom says that u have to do HW on your computer but instead you randomly press keys and it turns out that there is a definition
Ur MOM Is Sussy - 12 March 2023


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you know getting over it that really hard and frustrating game that not many people have competed, this is kinda like that so welcome to a chat thing that basycly no one has found. It's out of this multi-verse boredom and for a fact im in a meet right now and i found this so its completely true that you might be in a zoom or google meet right now
shappoka199 - 18 May 2021


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when you have nothing to do in life so you search this and find out that others are just as bored as you
anonymous - 3 April 2023


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When you think they have everything, this is done by alternating the letters on a qwerty keyboard by the first then to last, the second to the second-last, and so on. What really amazed me was that ur [..]


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When you are bored so much to the point of where you think you have tried every single keyboard combination, but then you think of this. You pop it into the searched bar, shocked to see thousands of people already having searched it up.
qmwnebrvtcyxuzilokpj - 5 January 2022

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