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You are so bored in school that u type the keyboard and every freaking website in blocked by GoGardien, but hey this one isnt!! You thought u were alone, but there all like hudred spmething definitions on a site other than urban dictionary. School makes us miserble like this. Me, you and look at everyone else
Yurny - 2 June 2023


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You are so bored, Probably in school, you tried this with the urban dictionary but it was blocked so you came here, you are new to typing random things, or not
Aspect - 2 June 2023


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It Means that someone is seriously looking for something to do in the middle of a lecture with your teacher about how bad you were for your sub.
Sean S - 5 January 2022


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If you are reading this there are three things that could have happened. One, you are bored out of you mind and decided to type "qpwoeiruty" (quip-WHOA-er-TEE) into your search engin [..]

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