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You're super bored in school. Your classmates make you want to eat your hands. You decide to go to google and search qwertyuiop, and see a load of results. You try to go to the Urban Dictionary Definition, but your school's illegal web filter blocked it. You're here, now, reading this.
Mike - 17 November 2021


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Queers Will Ever Rule The Yuiop
Yuiop is a name the queers call the "breeders"
It's pronounced Ewe-ee-op
The true meaning is still uncertain

It's said that the Queers have declared a Silent War on the Yuoiop and have used their 18-year Cicadas, their human clones, to secretly emerge into the political spectrum of the United States Inc circus..Cloaked in binary-ness the queers stalk the Youiop to help the Satanist achieve their mission to destroy the Youiop and have robots take over the world by doing their bidding for them
Hades Hell's Hound - 2 June 2023


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When you so bored you search parts of your keyboard in stupidity
nrtgx - 18 May 2019


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adjective Definition: very angry or upset: mad Example Sentence: I am so qwertyuiop at you!


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The sequence of letters on the top row of letter keys on a standard English-language keyboard
Elias - 18 May 2021

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