Jon Paul Radebaugh

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1. To focus on a subject or thought
2. To apply energy to a task
3. To contact a lifeform
4. A Planet in a classified region of Outer-space
5. A form of communications that has been used since B.C. times
6. The communications office of God and the Heavens, Dimensions and Spirit Worlds
7. To send a signal with a specified destination in the past or future
8. To draw attention to a certain person for a reason they might need to know about
Jon Paul Radebaugh - 14 September 2019
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1.Guardians of the Crown of God
2. A Religious Organization dating back before the Big Bang
3.The oldest Religion known in the intelligent Universe
4.The most high-tech organization in the Universe
5. The largest organization in the Universe with populations in the trillions, with 99.9% not human
Jon Paul Radebaugh - 14 September 2019