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Absolute resolution

"Absolute Redolution" means:
1. A person has resolved to attain a goal and/or to accomplish a task without any hesitation, doubt, superstition and/or inferiority but with courageous resoluteness of defiance of status quo and/or natural law and established order;
2. A written contract or into subconciousness to oneself or by two or more persons that definitely has a built-in-belief, either on performing a task, fulfilling a pledge, attaining a goal or accomplishing an objective, that has a definition of "Do or Die" consequence;
3. A couple pledging to each other, either for love, security or stability, in establishing a relationship that shall extinquish the span of a lifetime;
4. In a partnership and/or contract of marriage, either civil or religious vow, that connotes a pledge of unconditional relationship of longevity consuming a lifetime;
5. On Christian and/or Catholic marital relationship that connotes "Till death do as part";
Raymond Gregg III - 7 April 2020