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The term for this in most countries is 'PhD student' or 'PhD candidate', but officially, Dutch universities award the title 'doctor' and not the degree PhD. The student being questioned at a promotie is also called the promovendus.
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In Dutch this term is associated more specifically with the university than it is in English and then only research universities, not universities of applied sciences. In English it usually refers more generally to someone who teaches or does research.
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jargon, abbreviation used for the Dutch name of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science (Ministerie van Onderwijs, Cultuur en Wetenschap)
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Degree programme in the engineering and technology sector at a university of applied sciences. Technical training combined with attention for the economic, commercial and social aspects of business. Ing. was the title earned under the old system.
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University degree programme in the economics sector.
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Source: Tilburg University.
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'Dissertation' is the term most often used for the PhD thesis in the USA, and for the master's thesis in Britain. 'Thesis' can be used in all cases but must be qualified. For example: 'PhD thesis', 'master's thesis', 'final thesis'.
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professional master's

This is a Dutch term that might be seen in certain contexts in the USA, but is unknown in the UK. It is used in the Netherlands to distinguish a programme at a university of applied sciences from a programme at a research university.
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A cohesive secondary-school curriculum that prepares pupils for related programmes of study at the tertiary level. Pupils in VWO and HAVO choose one of four subject clusters: 1) Nature and Technology, 2) Nature and Health, 3) Economics and Society, or 4) Culture and Society. In any one cluster, approximately 50% of the subjects are common to all cl [..]
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programma rode loper

The Red Carpet programme aims to guide international students through the rules surrounding registration and the issue of residence permits in a clear and structured way. It also aims to identify and eliminate unintended obstacles. The programme is implemented by a group of organizations, namely: the IND (the Immigration and Naturalization Service) [..]
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