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Pricking out

Transferring thickly sown seedlings from the pot, pan, or seed tray in which they were sown into a larger container, giving them more space to develop. Primocanes
Source: extension.umd.edu


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Cultural control

The use of gardening techniques to control pest populations.
Source: extension.umd.edu


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Cole crops

Member of the species Brassica oleracea, including cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, and Brussels sprouts.
Source: extension.umd.edu


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Frost pocket

A depression in the terrain into which cold air drains, but cannot escape, thereby subjecting plants to freeze injury. Fruiting wood
Source: extension.umd.edu


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The egg-laying apparatus; the external genetalia of the female. Oxygen
Source: extension.umd.edu


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feeder roots

The youngest roots with root hairs, important in absorption of water and minerals. Fertilizer
Source: extension.umd.edu


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The stable, earthy smelling end-product of animal and plant decomposition.
Source: extension.umd.edu


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Companion planting

The practice of interplanting different plant species to reduce pest problems or improve plant growth.
Source: extension.umd.edu


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Band application

An application in which a material such as fertilizer or herbicide is applied in a narrow line along a row of plants or in a circle around individual plants. Biennial
Source: extension.umd.edu


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A soil with a pH value below 7.0. A soil that has a preponderance of hydrogen over hydroxyl ions in the soil solution.
Source: extension.umd.edu

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