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The managers of the University's endowment.
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The building blocks of our general ledger, consisting of specific fields or segments within PeopleSoft Financials.  Each segment records information about the owner, type, and purpose of income and expense transactions. Currently, our most-used chartfields are department, fund, project grant, and account code.
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University owned and leased cars, vans, trucks, golf carts, and certain construction vehicles –used in the transport of people and equipment on and around campus.
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aba number

A domestic bank's Federal Reserve routing number.
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Automated Clearing House is a method of direct depositing funds to commercial bank accounts or transferring funds electronically in a reliable and efficient method.
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actuals budget scenario

Expense and income history loaded from the general ledger to budget at the end of each fiscal year. It is used to compare actual to budget amounts in various budget analysis reports.
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The three digit income/expense code that follows the project grant number when preparing vouchers, requisitions, purchase orders, or invoices. It defines the type of income/expense. You will find a list of these codes in the Information Warehouse; commonly used codes are listed under Codes
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accountable plan

A method of accounting that allows an employee's business expenses to be excluded from income. Three conditions must be met: there must be a business purpose for the expenses; the employee must substantiate the expenses in writing; and the employee must return to the employer amounts advanced in excess of the substantiated expenses.
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accounting chartfield string

See Chartfield
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accounts payable journal voucher

A collection of unpaid invoices, prepaid invoices, or adjustments used to generate the AP journal entries. These journal entries are posted to the general ledger to summarize Princeton University expenses. Each voucher has a unique identifier, a Voucher_id, that aids in tracking it through our financial systems.
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