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technical professional

Temporary salaried at-will employee hired for non-credit instructional or technical/professional support duties. A Technical Professional employee may not be hired for more than one semester.
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auxiliary operations

Student support services that are funded through specific service charges and as a whole include bond-funded facilities; e.g., residence halls, dining halls, parking, etc.
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Banner's document imaging system. Xtender provides imaging, document management, data capture, storage management, output capture and report management capabilities.
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Financial Services site   Glossary of Terms A-B C-D E-F G-I J-N O P-Q R S T-Z
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In Banner, the 5-digit number that identifies the kind of transaction taking place.
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administrative overhead

Internal charge-backs to self-maintaining Funds/Orgs to recover the cost of administrative support.
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approval queues

Web-based system for approving documents through Ursa and Banner that replaces previous signature manual. Currently used for Electronic Internal Orders (EIOs).
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authorized position

All positions and maximum salaries require presidential approval. Once this approval occurs, the position becomes “authorized” and a part of the Position Management database maintained by OBIA. When a position is vacated, it requires re-approval to remain an authorized position.
Source: unco.edu (offline)


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automated clearing house

(Direct Deposit) Method used to automatically transfer funds from UNC to individual bank accounts.
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base dollars / base budget

Ongoing funding which for any given Fund/Org or area is typically calculated from the prior year base plus or minus adjustments.
Source: unco.edu (offline)

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