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ugga bugga

In Norwegian, it means something foreign, usually african or middle eastern. A derogatory term.


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ugga bugga

I use ugga bugga when reffering to a sound that a caveman make when its feels a sensation of drastic and dramatic change of emotions.
Eduardo Perez - 13 January 2021


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ugga bugga

Used to express annoyance or anger.


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ugga bugga

I always thought it meant that it is really hot outside.
Kay - 27 August 2018


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ugga bugga

a cognate Cognates in linguistics are words that have a common origin. Part of the still existing Proto-languages much the same as the word GAP or IN. A Mathematical misnomer.


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ugga bugga

Hokey, foolish, fake, false. Used to indicate something is strange, unusual, silly, untruthful.
Doug Zyskowski - 11 October 2020


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ugga bugga

When this word is used depending on how it used mean figure it out . Or get a good laugh out of it.
Victoria J Street - 17 November 2021


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ugga bugga

ugga bugga means = good + cool used to tell you if you like something
ja bo - 14 August 2017


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ugga bugga

Flopping around during intercourse so as if to insinuate oneself to not have a spine, rendering your involvement in copulation reduced to nil. Taking full credit of any and all orgasmic instances is a [..]

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