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You just can't find a way to satisfy your boredom, so you're just here, seeing what comes up when you drag your silly little finger over the keys on your computer. To be fair, this is how I got here too. Oddly, this word was listed, but had no definition, so here I am typing this and here you are reading this. What does this say about you? Uh, you're either a slacker who's motivated enough to get on your computer but can't focus enough to do your schoolwork, or your a person who's academically excelling but you're just bored out of your mind in school. Either way, you're probably trying your best, so there's no need to feel ashamed that you're here reading this essay about a measly keyboard swipe.
anonymous - 5 January 2022


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preposition Definition: under: underneath Word History: The letters zxcvbnm are at the bottom of the keyboard.Example Sentence: I hid zxcvbnm the table.

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