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Vaina Loca

¨Vaina¨ is a word in Spanish language, it has different meanings. ¨Vaina¨ means thing. It is the shell of some plant seeds. Its meaning refers to a word to call the sheath of some weapons like a sword sheath. It’s is also a popular way to call something you don’t remember its name or something that is not well known. In anatomy context ¨Vaina¨ is the name of the wrap that protects the organs in the body. This word means an irresponsible person. Is something that bothers you as well.
¨Loca¨ is a word in Spanish that comes from the adjective ¨Loco¨ it means crazy. A person who has lost his mind. Someone who is reckless. It refers sometimes to something or someone that is out of control. This word is related as well to someone who is really happy or very excited. It means a big love, big fan or enthusiast for something or someone: I’m crazy for my girlfriend. In Nicaragua and Dominican Republic is a colloquial way to call each other between young people. In countries like Mexico, Ecuador, Bolivia and Nicaragua, ¨Loco¨¨ is a way to call to a woman who has multiple relationships with different men but nothing serious at all. In Argentina or Uruguay is a way to call to the whores.
So ¨Vaina loca¨ means crazy thing. It is a way to say that there is something you can’t handle it, is a thing out of your sense and reasoning. Something that can drive you crazy.
¨Vaina loca¨ is a popular song from Ozuna a famous Puerto Rican reggaeton singer with Manuel Turizo a Colombian singer. This song talks about a man who really likes a woman but she is different from the rest and the situation is making him crazy, a ¨Vaina loca¨ a crazy thing. However he doesn’t care about anything else, he feels something crazy that doesn’t goes away, but he really enjoys the way he feels, the experience of being crazy for someone else. The thing about doing crazy things when a person makes you crazy and you can’t handle it, it just happens besides you can’t control what you think; you just act. For this reason he will try to seduce her even if she is not interested in him, she is the only one he wants. So basically ¨Vaina loca¨ is that thing you feel about someone else, something you can’t explain, a crazy thing you can’t control.
Jenny (5 October 2018)

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