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means you are in school pushing off your work and need to stop searching random things
anonymous on 2017-07-18

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Key pest

In any one local pest Complex , it is usually possible to single out one or two major pest are the most important , these are defined as key pest .
 Ashis Sarkar on 2017-07-16

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Pressure Test

This meaning is NSWF/18+. Click here to show this meaning.
Nitin Kohli on 2017-07-12   NSFW

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Thermal management

All electronic devices and circuitry generate excess heat and thus require thermal management to improve reliability and prevent premature failure.
anonymous on 2017-07-12

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Japanese English translation said is called panic but l don't believe it l need more answer
Christopher on 2017-07-09

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A phonatome describes all of the sound produced during one cycle of stridulatory movement. The term was coined by Leroy and used e.g., by Thomas J. Walker in a paper in Science on Amblycorypha uhleri.
Glenn K Morris on 2017-07-04

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A young girl who know when to behave and when she can let lose. She doesn't always make the right decisions but she learns fron her mistakes one way or the other
Kiara  on 2017-07-03

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Health Transition

Health Transition is a shift of patterns of diseases characteristics and people's perception towards the improvement of health status due to the advancement of science and technology as reduced the maternal and child mortality as well as increase the life expectancy to all people in the community.
Jackson S. Nzuchi on 2017-06-29

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Privileged vessel

Privileged vessel is required to maintain course and speed. Burdened vessel is obliged to change course and speed to avoid a collision.
anonymous on 2017-06-28

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Warehouse Syndrome

Acute form of dizziness caused from walking round in circles trying to find the latest box of Quintet. May result in bad temper
Scott on 2017-06-27

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Opt-Out Mechanism

No longer apart of mechanism . It is a violation of human rights and privacy . Don't want to be apart of something illegal
anonymous on 2017-06-26

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Antiseptic hand rub

The use of an an alcohol containing liquid, gel or foam to inactivate microorganisms temporarily
GMTS. Student nurse  on 2017-06-23

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In the context of personal loan, banks list companies. This helps them in offsetting the risk of any potential default. It gets easy for the bank to assess a person's income stability.

Source: http://www.mymoneysouq.com/loans/compare-personal-loans-uae
 nikitha on 2017-06-22

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spit the bit

A term that means to rid the animal of the "bit" in order for the intake of food to be much easier.
anonymous on 2017-06-20

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In Person Assistance Personnel Program

the assistance islike a bad word that you can us and you can speak and you ara a child you now how to porn people so you can yous in your piotcior or else you will died and you will not have higher grade if you dident do this an you do this you have higher grade thanks you\
 german on 2017-06-20

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Food that is offered for sacrifices to demon or a form of worship to a god
Merna  on 2017-06-17

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The name is derived from a greek word "uikos" which means "humble"
When a person that is humble,warm hearted and willing to help people it is said that the person is"uikos"
They are short tempered and hold grudges,not up for revenge
Ukho on 2017-06-15

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Subduction Flip

Subduction polarity reversal: the down-going plate becomes the overriding plate
anonymous on 2017-06-13

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Permanent charge

A permanent charge is one that contains equal number of negative and positive charges. In soil, permanent charges are usually negative.
Chimjika on 2017-06-12

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Permanent charge

permanent charge contains equal number of negative and positive charges.
Chimika on 2017-06-12

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