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Professional Pool Operators of America, a certified pro.
anonymous on 2017-05-26

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Safety Shield

A shield which gives complete protection from unexpected dangers.
Tara Vishal on 2017-05-22

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The platform upon which the kohanim stand to bless the congregation.
anonymous on 2017-05-21

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Two-Way Voice

Like the name implies, ADT's 2-Way Voice features work something like an intercom, but it's much more powerful. In fact, it could help save a life. When your home's alarm or a panic button is activated, two-way hands-free communication with the ADT monitoring center begins.
 Qasim Mehmood on 2017-05-20

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Uthan refering to a person as someone with that can't keep secrets
anonymous on 2017-05-15

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recurrent mutation

Recurrent mutation is mutation that occur repeatedly, generally at some characteristic frequences
 wario on 2017-05-14

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A chemical or biological substance added to a drug formulation for better performance
adunamsoo on 2017-05-14

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A hurst thats carrying. Someone to the cemetary ( in a pine box )
anonymous on 2017-05-14

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Einsteinium is a radioactive, metallic element of the periodic table with the atomic number of 99.
me on 2017-05-11

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Warriors unite together. All robots unite to be stronger. Computron is the cream of the frop . Together. Stronger. More efficient. World winners . Computrons.
Dictionary on 2017-05-11

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My best friend's friend
I heard it from mbff...my best friend's friend....
MBFF... My best friend's friend told her that.....
anonymous on 2017-05-02

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Last name of famous media guru Jacob Bowker, who invented the multi action marketing and sales process. The concept of little to no more effort, with 10 times the results.
 Jacob Bowker on 2017-04-30

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Revenue fund essentially (mainly) records transactions which are of normal revenue nature . In other words , revenue funds are received to meet operating expenses .
 Vishal Bansal on 2017-04-28

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Ballast Voyage

The in take of ballast (water, cargo, heavy oil, or load). By a ship, car, etc. To gain stability or making this same space available for loading at port, or dock.
 Edu wonukwuru Gift on 2017-04-28

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What are u doing with your life? ( now i add different letters and words to fill up the space)
anonymous on 2017-04-25

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Auxiliary machinery

Auxiliary marine machinery includes pumps, compressors, and blowers,separators for removing water and other contaminants from fuel and oil, steering machinery, capstans, windlasses, winches, heat exchangers used to condense vapors and to heat and cool working fluids, such as water, oil, and air, filters for the seawater and fuel supplies, and separators for bilge water
nash on 2017-04-24

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Off grid

An off grid system is a solar panel electricity generation system which is not connected to the mains power distribution grid. It is completely independent of the mains grid, so to provide power during darkness such solar panel systems need a secondary power store (such as batteries) or a generator.
 kmarlow on 2017-03-06

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Electromagnetic energy transmitted from the sun (solar radiation). The amount that reaches the earth is equal to one billionth of total solar energy generated, or the equivalent of about 420 trillion kilowatt-hours.

Solar energy is the major driver of Earth's environment. About one 1kw per hour per meter square makes it way to the ground. Changes in solar energy over extended periods contributes to environmental shifts (Ice Ages).
 kmarlow on 2017-03-06

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PV module

A PV module is basically a solar photovoltaic module used in converting Sun light into electrical energy. They are usually manufactured as a sealed unit with a given output voltage and wattage rating. They are often grouped together to create a larger total power output.
 kmarlow on 2017-03-06

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Solar gain

Solar gain (known also as solar heat gain or passive solar gain) refers to the temperature increase in a space, object, or structure caused by solar radiation. The amount of solar gain increases with the strength of the Sun, and with the ability of any intervening material to transmit or resist the radiation.

Objects struck by Sunlight absorb the short-wave radiation from the light and re-radiate the heat at longer infrared wavelengths. Where there is a material or substance between the Sun and the objects struck that is more transparent to the shorter wavelengths than the longer, then when the Sun is shining the net result is an increase in temperature - hence solar gain.
 kmarlow on 2017-03-06

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