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Current Student

A student who has attended Dalhousie for one year.
Source: dal.ca


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Prospective Undergraduate Student

Students who are thinking of coming to Dalhousie University. They may be coming right from high school, transferring from another university or be a mature student.
Source: dal.ca


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Temporary Loan

Loans that Dalhousie makes to students on a temporary basis to fill in until another guaranteed source of funding comes in. They are available for 30 days, but can be available up to a maximum of 90 d [..]
Source: dal.ca


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Transfer Student

A student who has attended another post-secondary institution.
Source: dal.ca


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Stafford Loans Program

The federal American loans program for undergraduate & graduate students.
Source: dal.ca


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A monetary award, at the entrance or in-course and/or graduating level based on academic excellence (in specific subject or group of subjects) and on the recognition of additional relevant attributes.
Source: dal.ca


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Renewable Scholarship

A scholarship that runs over more than one year, with a set amount provided for each year of study.
Source: dal.ca


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A monetary award of any value, or a non-monetary award, based on general academic excellence, or proficiency in a specific area of study or competition.
Source: dal.ca


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Official Transcripts

Transcripts must be sent to us directly from your previous secondary or post-secondary institution of study (either by fax or mail). Should your previous secondary or post-secondary institution of stu [..]
Source: dal.ca


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An award based on recognition of an outstanding academic record at Dalhousie for a specific degree program in a particular subject.
Source: dal.ca

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