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Big book

Big books are enlarged versions of a reading book, usually illustrated and with very large type, generally used by a teacher guided group of students to read together and learn about concepts of print, phonological patterns such as rhyming words, and various reading strategies.
Source: ldaustralia.org


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Graphophonic refers to the letter /sound relationship between the orthography (symbols) and phonology (sounds) of a language.
Source: ldaustralia.org


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Verbal Efficiency Theory

The Verbal Efficiency Theory is attributed to Perfetti & Lesgold (1979). It states that mere word recognition accuracy is not, in itself, sufficient to enable fluent reading comprehension. Instead, word-coding skills must be increased to a high level of efficiency and automaticity in order for the reader to be able to devote attention to meanin [..]
Source: ldaustralia.org


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Accumulating student information, both formative and summative, to ensure a correct record is kept of his/her progress, used to inform appropriate programming for the student.
Source: ldaustralia.org


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Orthographic knowledge

Orthographic knowledge understands that the speech sounds in a language are represented by written or printed symbols, associated with spelling, but also knowledge of hyphenation, capitalization, word breaks and punctuation.
Source: ldaustralia.org


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Cluster Grouping

The practice of grouping students around achievement levels, often for identifying the top (perhaps) five to eight academically talented or intellectually gifted students at a grade level, and placing them in the same classroom at that grade level with a teacher best suited and qualified to work with gifted students.
Source: ldaustralia.org


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Z-scores are a standard score with a mean of 0 (zero) and a standard deviation of 1.
Source: ldaustralia.org


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Written expression disorder

See Dysgraphia
Source: ldaustralia.org


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Working Memory – see memory and learning for detailed definition

The ability to process, manipulate and store information in one's mind for a short period of time.
Source: ldaustralia.org


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Word Wall

One component of a four-part instructional strategy in reading.  A word wall is a systematically organized collection of words related to each other in some way, displayed in large letters on a wall or other large display place in the classroom.  It is a tool to use to teach a language concept, not just a display. Word walls are designed to promo [..]
Source: ldaustralia.org

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